About US

Founded in 1994, the Sichuan Environment and Engineering Appraisal Center (SEEAC) is an institution directly under the Sichuan Environmental Protection Bureau. It is one of the first provincial-level environmental impact appraisal institutes nationwide.


what we do

The Center mainly undertakes technological appraisal, consultation, and training of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) of provincial construction projects, environmental supervision, environmental protection check & acceptance inspection for completion of construction projects, business of environmental technologies and products, as well as scientific research and international collaboration. 


The Center currently has ten provincial research projects undergoing, including Research on Environmental Management System of Green Hydropower at Daduhe River Basin, a project cooperated between SEEAC and Daduhe Branch Company of China Guodian Corporation; Research on Hydropower and Ecological Environmental Protection at the Upstream of River Min; Environmental Impact Tracking Assessment on Shuangliu Economic Development Zone; Industrial Technical Requirements and Environmental Outlook on Titanium Dioxide Cleaning Production by Sulfate Process; Research on Low-carbon Development Mode and Pathway of Industrial Low-carbonization; Research on Environmental Information Integration and Management Solutions based on GIS in Tianfu New Area; Technology and Demonstration Research on Wastewater Reuse in Tianfu New Area, and another six researches related to Tianfu New Area. Besides, we are actively in the preparation for applying to set up the Engineering and Technology Center on Comprehensive Environmental Decision-Making and Management under Sichuan Environmental Protection Department.