Founded in 1994, the Sichuan Environment and Engineering Appraisal Center (SEEAC) is an institution directly under the Sichuan Environmental Protection Bureau. It is one of the first provincial-level environmental impact appraisal institutes nationwide.


The Center includes five departments and two subsidiary companies, which are the General Department, Appraisal Department I, Appraisal Department II, Environmental Supervision Department, Research and Information Department, Chengdu Chuangjing Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Zaojing Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.  

what we do

The Center mainly undertakes technological appraisal, consultation, and training of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) of provincial construction projects, environmental supervision, environmental protection check & acceptance inspection for completion of construction projects, business of environmental technologies and products, as well as scientific research and international collaboration. 

Development Target

After 20 year’s growth and expansion, the Center has developed into a comprehensive environmental appraisal institute with strong technical capability and all-around professionals. The future development target of the Center is to provide the government and enterprises with diversified environmental consultation services. Based on continuing improvement of appraisal quality, the Center aims to promote engineering and environmental supervision, strengthen research capability building, promote international collaboration on environmental research, and strengthen personnel exchange and training, to advance the cause of long-term development.

The Talented

SEEAC has over 40 staffs, including 4 staffs with doctor degree and 14 staffs with master degree. Besides, there’re 4 staffs with senior professional post, 14 staffs with intermediate professional title, 9 registered EIA engineers, one registered environmental engineer and one economist. The Center has an expert pool containing over 200 national and provincial experts with expertise in environmental protection and other fields.