General Department

General Department, as an important hub department of the Center, is mainly in charge of internal affairs, assisting the Center leaders in organizing and coordinating the routine work, and coordinating official activities for the leaders. The department has 14 working staffs, including 1 with Doctor’s degree, 3 with Master’s degree, and 4 with overseas study and working experiences. The main responsibilities of the department include centralized management of the Center’s administration, personnel, archiving, finance, logistics, conference organization, etc; management of the Center’s expert database; centralized management of the operational guidance work for local appraisal bodies; provincial-level training of environmental impact assessment (EIA) for environmental engineering technical staffs; international and domestic collaboration and exchanges in the field of EIA techniques; website construction, message publishing and routine maintenance work, etc.


Appraisal Department I

Appraisal Department I, one of the technical appraisal departments of the Center, has 5 working staffs, including 1 with Doctor’s degree, 4 with Master’s degree, 2 with senior professional title, 3 with intermediate professional title, and 5 environmental impact assessment (EIA) engineers. The department undertakes technical EIA appraisal work of provincial-level construction projects of irrigation, power, nuclear and radiation, machinery, electronics, light industry, textile and chemical fiber, ferrous and nonferrous metals, fabricated metal products, urban infrastructure and real estate, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, geological survey, etc. The department also drafts technical appraisal guidelines and provides policy and technical consultation services for local government and EIA organizations.


Appraisal Department II

Appraisal Department II is one of the technical appraisal departments of the Center.  It has 6 working staffs, including 6 with Master’s degree, 2 with senior professional title, 2 with intermediate professional title and 2 environmental impact assessment (EIA) engineers.  The department’s main responsibilities include: centralized management of the technical consultation appraisal as well as its quality control of provincial construction project EIAs relating to industries of coal, oil, gas, ores and non-metallic product manufacturing, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, roads, railways, civil aviation airports, waterways and urban transport facilities, social programs and other services; undertaking specialized research on policies, standards and technical methods relating to the EIA management of construction projects; developing technical appraisal key points etc.


Environmental Supervision Department

Set up in 2010, the Environmental Supervision Department has 8 working staff, including 1 with Doctor’s degree, 3 with Master’s degree; 2 with senior professional title; 2 Registered Environmental Supervision Engineers, 1 Registered Environmental Engineer, 1 Registered EIA Engineer; 8 with environmental supervision work license, and 5 with work license on environmental protection check & acceptance inspection for completion of construction projects. The department mainly undertakes environmental supervision work for construction projects of hydropower, transportation, metallurgical, mechanical, petrochemical and mining industries, as well as environmental protection check & acceptance inspection work for completion of construction projects in hydropower, drilling, and metallurgical industries.


Research and Information Department

The Research and Information Department was established in 2013 to provide better technological support on environmental policy and decision making. The main functions of the department are: to form and implement research development plans of the Center; to coordinate and manage research projects; to transform and apply research outcomes, etc.


The Center has launched four Provincial-level research projects and six research projects relating to the Tianfu New Area in Chengdu. Currently, the Research and Information Department is in active preparation for applying to establish the Engineering and Technology Center on Comprehensive Environmental Decision Making and Management under the Sichuan Environmental Protection Bureau.