The Center has been much engaged in international cooperation on environmental technology and sciences. The goal is to build on the Center’s appraisal work and explore other fields in environmental consultation businesses. The Center has participated and undertaken many international cooperation projects, including “the EU-Asia Pro Eco II project”, academic exchange and workshops with the RWTH Aachen University (Germany), Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (Germany), German Water Association, World Resources Institute (USA), Oregon State University (USA) etc, in the fields of biodiversity protection, water resources management, planning environmental impact assessment, watershed ecological compensation, hydropower development and environmental and ecological protection. In the meantime, the Center has actively participated in the reconstruction, ecological restoration and sustainable development of Ya’an City after the 5.12 Earthquake in 2008, and signed a “Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Environmental Protection” with the People’s Government of Shimian County, exploring the vast space of strategic collaboration on regional environmental protection.