SEEAC Hosted Lecture on Co-control of GHGs and Air Pollutants and on Energy Policy

On August 21st, 2014, Sichuan Environment and Engineering Appraisal Center (SEEAC) and the EIA committee under Sichuan Academy of Environmental Sciences co-hosted a lecture on Co-control of GHGs and Air Pollutants and on Energy Policy. The lecture speakers are the China Program Director of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Dr. HU Tao, and the Commissioner of Michigan Public Service Commission, Mr. Greg R. White.  Experts and scholars from Sichuan Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Chengdu Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Sichuan University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Southwest Electric Power Design Institute, Sichuan Electric Power Design Consulting Co. Ltd, etc, attended the lecture.

Dr. HU Tao first gave his lecture on “Co-control of Multi- Air Pollutants and GHGs”, introducing the concept of co-control, elasticity index calculation of multi- air pollutants co-control, and co-control benefit evaluation of various treatment technology and ideas.  After that, Mr. Greg R. White from Michigan Public Service Commission gave his lecture on “Environmental Protection Agency Regulations and costs for United States Power Sector”, introducing the legislation of Clean Air Act in the US, a series of federal control measures and outcomes, strategic choice of the US Power Sector in front of emission reduction regulations, with a final emphasis on cost and benefit accounting of air pollution control.

After the lecture, the two experts had an in-depth discussion and exchange with the participants, which facilitated further understanding of air pollution and GHGs co-control, and promotes future communication and collaboration in related fields.