SEEAC Delegation Went to Qinghai and Tibet to Learn Environmental Supervision and Ecological Protection Work of Engineering Projects

From September 17th to 22nd, 2014, a delegation from Sichuan Environment and Engineering Appraisal Center (SEEAC), headed by director LIU Zheng, went to Qinghai and Tibet to study the environmental protection and supervision work during the construction period of Qinghai-Tibet Railway, to learn the environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environmental management experience of Qinghai and Tibet, and to strengthen collaboration and exchange with sister units in Qinghai and Tibet.

During their stay in Xining, the delegation met with the Deputy Director of Qinghai Environmental Protection Department and other representatives from Qinghai Academy of Environmental Sciences, and exchanged experiences on EIA management, environmental supervision, environmental appraisal and consultation, etc.  The delegation visited Qinghai Ecological and Environmental Remote-sensing Monitoring Center, Qinghai Research and Design Institute of Environmental Sciences, to study the application of remote-sensing technology in ecological and environmental monitoring, and environmental supervision experiences from the construction of Qinghai-Tibet Railway.  The delegation also had an in-depth exchange on ecological and environmental monitoring and GIS platform construction, web sharing of national ecological and environmental information and resources, as well as difficulties and prospects of environmental supervision work. 

During their stay in Lhasa, the delegation met with the Deputy Director of Tibet Environmental Protection Department and representatives from Tibet Environment and Engineering Appraisal Center, and had an in-depth exchange on environmental management, environmental monitoring, environmental research, management of EIA units and experts, development direction of appraisal centers under the current Non-Departmental Organization Reform. The delegation also met with Guoce Environment Co. Ltd in Tibet and exchanged ideas on research and development of environmental technology, environmental consultation business cooperation, personnel exchange, etc.

Sichuan is bordering with Qinghai and Tibet. Achieving sustainable development on the basis of sound ecological and environmental protection is a major task faced by all three provinces. The delegation’s field research strengthened mutual understanding and communication, laying solid foundation for future collaboration on EIA management, environmental supervision of major engineering project, and environmental research between Sichuan, Qinghai and Tibet.