Workshop on Planning Environmental Impact Assessment held by SEEAC

On July 5th, SEEAC invited Wu Jing, the director assistant of Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment Research Center of Nankai University to develop a training on planning environmental impact assessment (EIA) in Chengdu. The workshop was hosted by Liu Zheng, the director of SEEAC. Yu Huiwen, the deputy director of Sichuan Environmental Protection Department attended the workshop and gave an opening speech.

Professor Wu, with rich experiences in teaching and researches of planning EIA gave an excellent presentation from the perspective of the development progresses, internal meanings and difficulties faced in planning EIA in China. She elaborated the key parts, assessment ideas and available approaches in planning EIA, and proposed her own thoughts on major issues and future development of planning EIA in China.

Participants, with their own work practice and experiences, had active discussions with professor Wu in terms of EIA approach selection, means of public participation survey, predictive model of environmental impact, etc. Participants expressed that the workshop provided them with in-depth information and knowledge, which has reference values and practice meanings for their work. They expected that SEEAC would continue hosting similar EIA trainings or exchange activities.