SEEAC attended the 3rd China Strategic Environmental Assessment Forum

During July 11th and 12th, SEEAC sent five staffs to Kunming attending the 3rd  Academic Forum on China Strategic Environmental Assessment Forum co-hosted by Nankai University, Environmental Engineering Appraisal Center under MEP, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Environmental Impact Assessment Committee of Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences.

The forum invited well-known experts and scholars in the field of environmental impact assessment including deputy director Mu Guangfeng from MEP, professor Zhu Tan and professor Xu He from Nankai University, professor Lin Jianzhi from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, researcher Li Tianwei from Environmental Engineering Appraisal Center under MEP and researcher Hu Tao from World Resources Institute, USA. Invited experts delivered academic reports on the Pathway for China’s Economic and Social Transformation, the Progress, Direction, Techniques and Approaches of China’s Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment, the Construction of Eco-Civilization, and the Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment in Major Regions and of Industrial Development during West Development. Besides, they exchanged views on the development progress of  strategic environmental impact assessment in recent years in China, and had discussions on the research findings in related theories, case studies and capacity building etc.. The forum also had thematic sub-forums, namely the High-Level Forum on Eco-Civilization and Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment, and the Youth Forum on Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment, etc.

Gao Yan, from SEEAC delivered a presentation on Case-Analysis-Based Theory and Approach Research on the Following Evaluation of Planning Environmental Assessment in the Youth Forum, and exchanged ideas with experts and youth representatives.