Sichuan Environmental Protection Bureau Held World Environment Day theme activities

June 5, 2014,the World Environment Day theme activity was held in Longjiang Road Primary School Wuhou Campus Stadium, hosted by the Sichuan Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, Chinese Young Pioneers Working Committee, Sichuan Environmental Engineering Assessment Center (SEEAC), Chengdu Chuangjing Environmental Engineering company, Chinese environmental protection and public participation network, Longjiang Road Primary School Wuhou Campus.

The activity’s slogan was "Our Earth, Our Home", aiming to promote children to portect the environmental, cultivating the next generation of environmental awareness to creat blue sky. More than 260 representitives and children attended the activity.


At the beginning, Shajin Hao, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Sichuan Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, bring a message to all teachers and students, hoping Longjiang Road Primary School Wuhou Campus generate the tradition of environmental education to improve the overall quality of students to declare war on pollution and protect out earth.

By organizing this theme activity, the organizer promote the environmental protection awareness in the small children, and guide more people to join the environmental protection work, saving resources, protecting the environment, practicing low-carbon live, building ecological civilization and beautiful harmony Sichuan. Sichuan TV, Sichuan Daily, Chengdu TV, Chengdu Business Daily reported this event.